How it works...

Your SMS business in a boxReseller SMS is an international text messaging service that allows your users to send and receive text messages to and from any phone on the planet.

No other service is as easy to use or has as broad a coverage. It's the only truly international, two way service of it's kind and it's available for you to brand as your own, and market to your users.

Upside Wireless Inc has been in the SMS business for over 6 years and we've seen continuous growth in messaging in this period. The demand continues to grow and we serve the needs of global Fortune 100 as well as hundreds of thousands of individual customers worldwide.

What we realized is that while the overall market is immense it is also extremely fragmented and the only way to reach it is by specialization. We also realized that this is impossible to do with scale for any one company.

For this reason, we built a technology that enables our partners to profit from selling their own SMS services, locally or internationally, while not having to worry about technology, infrastructure and carrier agreements.

Reseller SMS is a unique service that gives our partners all the tools to succeed in selling SMS services to any vertical segment in any country without ever having to write a single line of programming code, without the need to own and maintain servers, network operations crews or to know intricacies and administrative hurdles when dealing with wireless service providers.

Setting up the service could not be easier.

Step 1
Create a sub domain from your main website for example.

Step 2
Provide us with this URL and we point the service to your site. Simply include the following lines in your web page:-

{required:interface} and {required:head}

Step 3
There are just 6 templates that control the look and feel of your service. Simply replace the default templates with your own design, set your pricing and start promoting the service to your customers immediately. Simple.